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Gamifying the festival experience globally with Web3


4 months


Coachella, Avalanche, OpenSea


Product Designer


UX/UI, user flows, prototyping, usability & QA


Coachella Quests is a Web3-enabled online loyalty game for Coachella 2024 built onchain where fans embark on adventures and earn rewards for both real-world and digital festival experiences.

I was the sole product designer on the project, identifying user needs, mapping out the user journey, wireframing, establishing the game mechanics, crafting the visual design, and working alongside developers to ship the sticky points-based game built for both fans at the festival and those who couldn't make the trip to the valley.


50,000 quests completed over 133,000 gaming sessions

11,930 prizes minted and 50,000+ NFTs collected

Increased engagement across Coachella festival activities and social channels

Thriving Discord community: 26k+ posts of tips, teamwork, and XP & prizes bragging